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Elbow Pain Relief In Toronto

Elbow Pain Relief In Toronto

Elbow Pain Relief In Toronto

Dr Alex Ritza – Your Downtown Toronto Chiropractor



Elbow pain, and specifically “Tennis Elbow” is by far one of the most common complaints that we hear in our office. You might find surprising if you knew that almost none of our patients play tennis and even in those that do, it is often not the primary cause of their elbow conditions.

Most cases of elbow pain are a perfect example of a Core Problem elsewhere contributing to Collateral Damage at the elbow. In most cases of elbow pain that we encounter, whether it be medial (“Golfer’s) elbow pain, muscle pain or lateral (Tennis) elbow pain, the problem usually:

  • Stems from a Core Problem with the neck putting stress on the nerves that travel to the elbow.
  • Is associated with repetitive strain on the elbow from a manual labour occupation, or more often, a computer-based job
  • Has been resistant to massage therapy, physiotherapy, traditional chiropractor or other traditional approaches that only “treat” the symptoms  by focusing on the elbow

You can read more about the science that explains why most elbow conditions are the consequence of repetitive trauma to the nerves of the neck and tissue at the elbow here in this blog post and learn how to help manage the pain yourself with the video above.

What you should know if you suffer from this condition is that FOUR major things have to happen for this condition to improve and not come back:

  1. Identify if there is a Core Problem with the neck contributing to your elbow condition
  2. If so, fix the problem with the neck and the nerves that go to the elbow – you will likely need a professional’s help with this
  3. Stretch, strengthen, and get the help of a professional to help the injured elbow tissues heal
  4. Return the tissues of the neck, elbow and nervous system to normal and reduce the amount of repetitive strain on the neck, spine, and elbow to stop this condition from coming back.

If you have elbow pain, this should be your game plan. If it were me, I would honestly try the exercises and tips provided in the video above before seeking the help of a professional. Hopefully, your neck is healthy and some simple and generic rehab advice will fix your problem. Finger’s crossed!

But if it doesn’t, and your case is one of the complicated ones that we help with all the time, be sure to reach out to your local Corrective Chiropractor and get yourself tested to identify if there is a Core Problem that could be contributing to this issue and others that you potentially have no idea about.

Should you need help immediately, you can reach out to us by filling out the contact form below.

– Dr Alex


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