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Feel Less Pain And Heal Injuries Faster

Feel Less Pain And Heal Injuries Faster

My two most recent episodes from the Better Ever After Podcast that have been the most downloaded to date.

While not originally planned, these episodes compliment each other perfectly. Understanding pain and how it is generated in the brain is fundamental to understanding your own body. it is also fundamental to understanding how to manage injuries.

How To Feel Less Pain: How pain works, why we feel it and what it means to you – Better Ever After Podcast – Ep.35

Because things stop us from doing what we love and make us miserable like being in PAIN! But as much as you might wish to never feel pain again, a failure to feel pain would literally kill you.

Whether it is a chronic or acute issue, we have all experienced a time in our lives where something hurt and we would do anything for it not to and to better understand what exactly was going on.

For being a universal experience for human beings, most of us are taught very little about what pain actually is, what causes it, why do we feel it, why pain is important for our survival but is a TERRIBLE barometer for our health and how to interpret pain when we experience it.

In this episode, we take a brief dive into the incredibly complex world of pain science and I do my best to explain all of this and more in less than twenty minutes.

I think you are going to not only learn a ton from this episode but will also walk away with a better awareness of how to feel about pain (pun intended) and how doing so will help you manage it better.

Links mentioned:

Cool pain videos


AND, once you understand how pain works and what it tells you about an injury, you will be much more able to manage and injury effectively. 

The body is an incredible self-healing machine but it can be made to work faster with the right input from exercise, nutrition, rest and of course an excellent manual therapist!

Better Ever After Podcast | Ep.36 – Managing Injuries Properly To Recover As Fast As Possible

When something hurts we are always left wondering “what is it”? Can I keep playing? Can I workout tomorrow? Is it serious? What do I do to recover as fast as possible so I can get back to life?

In this week’s episode of the Better Ever After Podcast, we answer all these questions and more that you will have (or have had) when something hurts and you are officially injured.

Being injured sucks. We want to get back to being active as soon as possible but often don’t know how to start.

This episode discusses:

– The importance of rest to allow for tissue healing and recovery.

– The need for a proper examination and understanding of the injury and the underlying mechanisms

– The multi-prong approach to correcting the underlying Core Problems that could have caused it

– How to return to sport and when you know you are ready

– MOST IMPORTANTLY: The mindset to keep you sane through it. And no, you shouldn’t “suck it up” and play through it because it could leave you with a worse injury that ruins your entire season or delays your training for months.

Hope this helps 

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