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NeuroStructural Restoration Approach

 Chiropractic Care In Downtown Toronto



As a NeuroStructural Chiropractor, Dr. Alex believes that you have evolved to be healthy. You and your body are capable of achieving some incredible feats when the requirements of health are met.

The attainment of health is not dissimilar from a long journey. In order to be successful on your journey you need excellent nutrition or FUEL, you need to be able to MOVE properly to reach your destination and your body must have the chance to rest and RESET to continue the next day’s travels.

If your path is clear and you meet the requirements of Fuel, Reset and Movement then your path towards health is relatively straightforward. However, our environment exposes us to tremendous stress that often impedes us on our journey towards health. Sometimes our path gets blocked or we get lost and are unable to find our way towards our destination.

Even with the best Fuel, Movement and Rest you will never reach your destination if the three cannot be integrated properly because you don’t know how to manage them, you get lost or your path is blocked. For optimal health, the integration of RESET, FUEL and MOVE requires a properly functioning nervous system and Brain Body Connection.

RESET, FUEL, MOVE, BRAIN BODY CONNECTION: these are the 4 requirements of health that everyone requires to be healthy.

Our care restores the Brain-Body Connection so that your body has a clear path towards health. We also help our patients with strategies to meet the other RESET, FUEL and MOVE requirements that everyone NEEDS TO BE HEALTHY

When the Brain-Body Connection is clear, and you have proper Fuel, Reset and Movement, you will be healthy.

What To Expect On Your First Visit

Every patient I consult with receives a:

  • Complimentary Case Review so that we can understand you, your case, and identify if your case is something we might be able to help you with.

If Dr. Ritza feels it is warranted and you would like to proceed:

  • A Comprehensive Functional NeurStructural Examination consisting of 15 different tests to identify if there is a Core Problem with your spine and nervous system.
  • These tests include a Digital Structural Analysis, Advanced Mobility Testing, Neural Drive Muscle Testing, Neurobiological Tests including Spirometry, Functional Testing, and Advanced Palpation Analysis among others.
  • An expertly curated Analysis and Review of the data to give you suggestions and a comprehensive plan based on your goals and test results.

How To Fix The CORE PROBLEM and Not Just the Pain

If we want to truly get better, our approach should never be to just focus on the pain. Yes, there is pain, but what differentiates us from a “traditional chiropractor” is that we figure out why it is there and what Core Problem is causing it.

As an analogy:  Your car’s check engine light is on. This is a symptom that signifies a problem with the car’s machinery. This is analogous to pain or conditions that are related to Core Problems in the spine and nervous system.

One could simply take the light out of the dashboard to get rid of the symptom of the Core Problem. However, rather than mask the pain, a Neurostructural Chiropractor figures out why the system isn’t working properly so that it can be corrected. When Core Problems in the spine and nervous system are corrected, symptoms and related conditions often go away.

In our experience, there is some muscle, joint, or tissue close to or far away from the source of pain that is not functioning properly. In most cases, pain is just the symptom of this dysfunctionThrough a thorough physical examination and functional testing, we can figure out how to make you move better, feel better, and be healthier.

Unlike  “traditional chiropractors” that tend to focus on pain and Band-Aid fixes, we treat the body as a whole and see the importance of the spine and the spinal cord that it houses. Few problems occur without some dysfunction of the nervous system, which explains why our NeuroStructural Restoration Program has been so successful with our patients. 

NeuroStructural Restoration means making corrections to the spine and nervous system to improve your Structure (posture) and Nervous System Function to clear your path and so that the body is as healthy as it has evolved to be.

– Dr. Alex –