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The New Year’s Resolution That Would Make Your Parents Proud

The New Year’s Resolution That Would Make Your Parents Proud

It is funny how significantly the small tweaks, and tiny habits we adopt produce some of the most profound, and potentially life-altering differences . The New Year’s resolution I am going to recommend to you is really no different, but it is surprisingly elementary, and something you mom likely nagged you about in your youth.  .

But first, I would like to mention that I am a firm believer that if there is something about yourself that you want to change or improve upon, there is no better time than the present. Nonetheless, the opportunity for change, and renewal that a new calendar year brings is a wonderful opportunity to reflect, assess and improve.

Why I became a chiropractor, and what I think chiropractic care is meant to deliver and achieve, is improved performance. My hope, and belief is that chiropractic care better enables us to perform better under the stressors of daily life whether they be chemical, physical or emotional.

Chiropractic care means: better nervous system function; feeling, moving and performing better no matter what task life demands of us; performing better whether sitting in a chair at work, or running a marathon. Performing and feeling well everyday is tough though. Sometimes we might be put off by a bad night’s sleep, something bad happening at the start of our day, or anxiety over an upcoming scheduled event.

In the same way that a professional golfer is able to use their pre-shot routine to physically, and most importantly, mentally reproduce the same shot over and over again, whether with a one shot lead on the final hole of the championship or on the practice range, I want to be able to bring the same energy, excitement and performance to everyday of the week and every patient I see.

Based on all of the available self-help and blog material out their, the best way I can figure how to do this, is through a great morning routine. (Disclaimer – I have  taken a lot of inspiration on this subject matter from Tim Ferris, who admittedly, is the expert as far as I can tell on the subject.) A great morning routine allows us to reproduce the same mental and physical conditions for success, no matter the external stressors or pressures we face. A great mindset on repeat, day after day.

Of the 5 morning habits I have adopted, the most important one as far as I can tell, is the one you got mad at your parents for nagging you to do – Make Your Bed. Why I have found this so important to start my morning with, is the fact that you are able to consistently and repeatedly begin each day with an initial success. Before you have even gone to the bathroom, you have achieved something each and everyday no matter how insignificant it is. If you are metaphorically starting each day at a fork in the road,  and making your bed is at least the mental kick-start towards the path of success.

Clean. Prepared. Ready for Success

Clean. Prepared. Ready for Success

This is a habit adopted by some of the most successful entrepreneurs around. Also consider the fact that it is the first routine that any soldier practices to kick-start their day and mind. If that isn’t enough, consider the fact that studies have shown performance is improved in a tidier environment than a messy one.

The mindset you step out the door with often determines the course of your day, and I always want you to move through your day feeling your best. Of course, there are other important components of any good morning routine that might include goal setting / planning, an amazing smoothie, 5 minutes of meditation , reviewing a mission statement or “grateful-statement”, and of course some movement to warm up your joints, muscles and nervous system

But, if I was to recommend one habit to include in your morning routine, this would be it. Not withstanding sporting endeavours, no good meal can outweigh the importance of a great daily mindset in determining the choices we make that will consider the success of our day and lives.

What resolutions have you made or do you recommend as a must for everyone? Please share to help myself and other perform better.

Let 2016 be the year of great a mindset and clean rooms.

Dr. Alex

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