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The Office Proof Neck

The Office Proof Neck

The external stressors that our minds and bodies face shape how we move and feel.

If we eat a bucket of KFC, we might feel a little more sluggish than if we eat a salad for lunch. If we get a great sleep followed by an early morning meditation or workout, we are more likely to have a more energetic, and fantastic day. If you are able to modify your day so that you are not confined to sitting at a desk for its entirety, your neck and back will be all the better for it.

In these cases, we are modifying WHICH physical stressors are bodies are facing. Wouldn’t it be great if we could always control which stresses we have to face?

In the cases where we have no immediate control over the external stressors that we face (stressful job, bad office chair, mean boss), sometimes the best we can do is to manage HOW we react and embrace those physical stressors. How we react to any physical stressors will be a conscious choice and part will by subconscious. 

Being under the care of a chiropractor will subconsciously better enable how your body is able to adapt to physical, chemical and emotional stressors that are thrown your way. Having muscles, joints and nerves that function properly as the result of being adjusted and receiving acupuncture is better than the opposite, isn’t it?


On a conscious level, taking short breaks, and doing a little bit of consistent stretching throughout your day will provide your body with the movement it craves, and the postural relief your muscles, joints and nerves need. Doesn’t it makes sense that the chair marathoner (office worker) who has collectively spent thousands of hours over the course of their career stretching their neck and back will have a healthier spine, and better posture than their counterpart who has not. Overtime, small tweaks lead to great changes.

For your own sake, please take the time every 30 minutes to get out of your chair, and try some of these great neck stretches. By better managing how we cope with the office life we can greatly improve how we feel at the end of the day and our posture long-term! If the stretching doesn’t work, you could always quite your job and become a ski-bum in Whistler – desk free.

Dr. Alex

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