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Headache Relief Toronto – Headache Survival Guide

headache survival guide and headache relief in Toronto

Headache Relief Toronto – Our Headache Survival Guide

It is that time of year again when so many people in Toronto are looking for headache relief: the weather is all over the place, there is less sunlight, the barometric pressure is like a see-saw, the stress of Christmas, other holidays and year-ends at work are looming and the conditions are just right to trigger a headache.

As discussed in The Fix That All Headache Sufferers Should Know blog article, things like stress, dehydration, and barometric pressure changes do not cause headaches; they are only triggers. If they caused headaches, everyone would get them every time a glass of red wine was drunk or a low-pressure system rolled in.

As you can read above or might already know, headaches are most often collateral damage from a more core health problem. For the vast majority of headache sufferers, the Core health problem that is the major contributor to most headaches lies in the spine and nervous system. If you are looking for headache relief in Toronto we would love (like so many others) to be able to help you find the underlying problem for your headaches!

Headache Relief Toronto – A Few Quick Fixes!

You can read more about the connection between the structural integrity of the spine and the health of the nervous system in the aforementioned blog (Headache Relief Toronto).

This very well might not be your issue! Your spine and nervous system could be perfectly healthy

However, if you do get more than a couple of headaches per month you might want to get your spine checked

Headaches, again, are common but not normal and might be collateral damage from a Core Problem with the spine.

Until you can get your spine checked or you would like to try to solve the problem yourself first, the first thing to do is to manage, eliminate or reduce the major stressors on the body, spine and nervous system that can trigger it to produce a headache.


I am going to share the four most important ones below! For a comprehensive list, you can download our Headache Survival Guide Cheatsheet with the ten must-tries to help with your headaches

  1. GET STACKED UP – Putting your neck into good alignment/posture over your shoulders reduces stress on the headache-generating muscles & joints in the neck

  2. TAKE A NAP – Headaches are often a symptom of nervous system fatigue. A quick nap is one of the best ways to reset your system and help a tired brain.

  3. GET CAFFEINATED – Caffeine withdrawal can be a headache trigger but can also help with headaches when consumed at its onset

  4. BREATHE WITH YOUR BELLYStress makes us breathe with our neck and chest. A minute of deep breaths into the abdomen can reduce neck muscle strain & resultant headaches

For the rest of the list and access to exclusive headache-fixing content from us, download the FREE HEADACHE SURVIVAL GUIDE HERE or below


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