Hi there!
I’m Dr. Alex Ritza

And I am obsessed with being the best chiropractor in Toronto, helping others to get healthier and ensure that their health never holds them back.

I am a NeuroStructural Corrective Chiropractor practising in Yorkville, Toronto, host of the Better Ever After Podcast, author of The Sitting Antidote book and Instagram health-influencer that serves hundreds of patients and tens of thousands of online-followers. We believe that every human can be healthy and that their health should never hold them back from leading an extraordinary life. For almost a decade at my office near Yonge-Bloor, we having being helping those that are off their path and I am proud to be ranked a Best Chiropractor in Toronto.

Why I Love Being A Corrective Chiropractor

In high school I suffered a traumatic neck injury in hockey that went unresolved with traditional care. Long story short, a chiropractor fixed me and changed my life. Immediately I knew that this was what I wanted to do: empathetically care for people in a safe and drug-free way, inspire and act as a health leader to my community, and potentially change someone else’s life for the better. I strive to be the best chiropractor in Toronto and the best I can be so that my patient’s get better results.

At our office we believe that every human can be healthy and that their health should never hold them back from leading an extraordinary life. For those that are off their path, we believe that the right care, advice and choices can get you back on track no matter how far the deviation.  

I'm Proud To Be Ranked A Best Chiropractor In Toronto

I Care About The Health of My Patients and I Am Proud They Rank Me As One Of The Best Chiropractors In Toronto

Who I Work With

I work with patients that are not looking for a Band-Aide solution.  I work with people that want pain relief but also want to fix how their body works – GET HEALTHIER! If you are looking for a comprehensive, holistic and compassionate approach to addressing the underlying reasons why you hurt or struggle with their health then we might be the place for you. Whether you are struggling with your health or just the consequences of an office job, and want more than just a “traditional” and superficial solution, I would love to review your case and see if we might be able to help you. I guarantee that if we move forward with the examination, it will be the most thorough you ever have.  

The best praise I have ever received, and that I aim for with every patient is that “You changed my life!”. After a traumatic hockey-related neck injury in my adolescence, a chiropractor “changed my life” and my health too, and my highest ambition is to do that for others.

Dr. Alex

Chiropractic care is for everyone but I am not everyone’s chiropractor…

Through my training, I have learned that corrective chiropractic care is not for everyone! Sometimes the “health miracles” we are seeking come when we make some consistent and powerful changes to how we move, recover and eat: I create so much social media content to help our followers do this all for FREE.

If you need some help, I would start by checking out my content on Instagram or YouTube. You might find that the do-it-yourself approach might help. You might also want to check out one of the free Nutrition, Movement or Recovery Curriculum module E-book resources we have also available for free.

But, if you have tried this without results, or you think your issue is beyond fixing yourself, then I would love to review your case with you (complimentary) and see if we might be able to help you. To do that, click here.

A little something personal

I have spent the last ten years of my life studying, researching and taking courses to ensure I can provide the best corrective care from the best available minds and researchers. 

After graduating from the Harvard-of-chiropractic colleges, the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College here in Toronto, I have taken countless courses like the world-renowned Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program at McMaster and studied with dozens of certified Corrective Chiropractors to balance the “traditional approach” of CMCC with a more corrective approach. 

When I am not caring for patients, you can follow me on my health journey. You will see that I am also obsessed with cycling (I belong to 3 cycling clubs in Toronto) and exercise, eating delicious and nutritious food (I post it all on Instagram), reading (I love fiction and anything to help improve my mindset) and volunteering in my community (we always need help at Out Of The Cold if you are interested in helping too!). One of my greatest pleasures is to travel and hike with my partner and French water dog Crouton