Dr Alex Ritza – Specializing in Chiropractic NeuroStructural Restoration



We all know that in order to build something, like say a house, there are requirements. It has to have a solid foundation, a good roof, sealed plumbing, electricity, sturdy walls and insulation amongst other things. To build a great house you need strategies to fulfil the requirements.

The best analogy to the attainment of health is a long journey. In order to be successful on your journey you need excellent nutrition or FUEL, you need to be able to MOVE properly to reach your destination and your body must have the chance to rest and RECOVERY to continue the next day’s travels.

If your path is clear and you meet the requirements of Fuel, Reset and Movement then your path towards health is relatively straightforward. However, our environment exposes us to tremendous stress that often impedes us on our journey. Sometimes our path gets blocked or we get lost and are unable to find our way towards our destination. Unless you are well-skilled, knowledgable and have a perfect map, we will need a guide to help us reach our goal.

In our health analogy, the guide that clears your path is the Brain-Body Connection. This is the fourth requirement that integrates your FUEL, RESET and MOVE strategies that are needed to be healthy.


1 – FUEL (nutrition) is a requirement

2 – MOVEMENT is a requirement

3 -RECOVERY for your body

4– A clear Brain-Body Connection is a requirement.

Our NeuroStructural chiropractic care restores the Brain-Body Connection so that your body has a clear nervous system and path towards health.

When it comes to MOVEMENT, there are sub-requirements that need to be fulfilled to optimize our health.

In order to MOVE in a healthy manner, the four requirements are:

  1. MOVE STABLY – We must have a protective cradle around the spine and nervous system. The nervous system’s optimal function and integrity is required for health and the core must protect it.
  2. MOVE FULLY – We must be able to move all our joints through their full range of motion in a safe and controlled manner. Happy joints are needed for longevity and to avoid injury.
  3. MOVE FAST & OFTEN – We must be able to move between points A and B. The body is required to be exposed to regular dynamic movement for optimal physiological adaptation.
  4. MOVE HEAVY THINGS – We must have the ability to move against resistance in the environment. Strength is a requirement for survival and longevity of the human structure

Our MOVE Curriculum (FREE DOWNLOAD) gives you the strategies our patients use to get the most out of their care and meet the health requirement of Movement.

Start by reading through the manual and watching the provided videos.

I think that this is going to be a game changer in helping to correct your patterns and make our way towards your goals.

Don’t Forget The Power Source: The nervous system is the master controller of the body. The physiological systems that regulate the body through Fuel, Move and Reset all depend on a clear Brain-Body Connection. If the connection is interrupted or poor, the integration of these strategies to meet the requirements of health can be in vain. A well-functioning power supply through your nerves is needed to bring it all together.

The MOVE CURRICULUM’s benefit is limited by your neurological function and structure. If you have a problem with either then I invite you to get tested to see if you have a CORE PROBLEM with either.

– Dr Alex