Welcome To Our Recovery / RESET Curriculum Workshop

We believe you are meant to be healthy … you just have to know how to meet the requirements for it: nutrition, movement, healing, and an optimal Brain-Body Connection.

Our RESET Curriculum Workshop will introduce you to and provide you with the necessary strategies to ensure that your body and mind have the capacity to heal. The body requires the right building blocks from nutrition but also requires that the body is in the physiological state needed to allow for the body and conscious mind to recover.

We are pleased to offer you this workshop in an online format for your convenience but do still regularly hold workshops in the office.

The more you know about anything, the more value you get. The more you know about your health, the more health you can create. Please watch the 30-minute workshop video. For access to our other workshop curriculums e-books:

MOVE: http://gigantic-condition.flywheelsites.com/move-curriculum/

RESET/RECOVERY: http://gigantic-condition.flywheelsites.com/reset-curriculum/

FUNDAMENTAL FUEL: http://gigantic-condition.flywheelsites.com/fundamental-fu