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Nutrition my way

Like you, I love Food! I love to Eat!

For my family and I, food is an important part of our daily lives. I am sure it is for all of you reading this as well. It is our source of power and wellness, and brings us all together. We gather our families, our business partners, and our loved ones around the table to laugh, celebrate, and enjoy each other’s company. Certain meals are remembered for playing a pivotal role in our lives. What is life without great food and good company?

I do not view food as something that should be restricted, neglected, or thought about in a negative manner. We too often fear eating certain foods for no reason other than their portrayal in the media. We reprimand ourselves for eating poorly when we should not.

My mission is to provide a narrative of the current understanding of nutrition and tackle any trends, myths, or misunderstandings. I will try to provide a balanced, unbiased opinion, and suggestions that will help you make your diet more delicious and enjoyable.

It is my mandate to provide practical and easy advice (recipes, food preparation techniques, time saving solutions, etc) that allows you to incorporate these suggestions. I will attempt to teach the village how to fish because when it comes to food, knowledge is the power to treat your body like the temple it should be. Learning how to prepare healthy, delicious food, is the first step towards wellness

If you don’t believe me, just ask world famous chef and social pioneer, Jamie Oliver!

In the end, the only “diet” I abide by is a balanced one. A balanced diet is not the coolest or “sexiest” diet out there. But for those who do not have major dietary restrictions, and are looking to reach their higher potential, a balanced diet is as healthy as you can get.

Balance is eating lots of fresh produce and fruits, a reasonable amount of meat and dairy prepared well, eliminating as much processed food and salt as possible, and enjoying those occasional “cheat” meals.

Please view food as the key to feeling well. Do not think of it as trying to avoid putting bad things in the body. Every meal is the chance to refuel and indulge in what will energize you to work, feel and live better.

Hope this is food for thought.

Bon Appetite

Dr. Alex

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