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Ep. 44 – A Tool To Find More Time To Do What You Love And Increase Your Productivity

The desire to have more personal time to do what you want is and to focus on what is most important is one of the most universal concerns that we hear from our practice members.

It is rare to encounter someone that doesn’t wish they had more time and freedom to focus on what is most important to them in their life.

In this episode, I share a FREE download, “Dr Ritza’s Productivity And Time Booster”, and we review the tool that I have used to maximize my productivity, find more time to do what I love and minimize the feeling of “needing more hours in the day”.

Specifically, this podcast is going to help you in two ways:

This exercise is meant to help you in two ways: Firstly, it will help you regain your time and find more time to focus on what is most important to you.

Secondly, it is going to force you to do the tough introspective work of evaluating where you are spending the time that should otherwise be put towards things that bring value to you and make you fulfilled.

Get the FREE download HERE

For help with every aspect of your lifestyle necessary for health:

Fundamental FUEL Curriculum

MOVE Curriculum


– Dr. Alex



Ep. 37 – What To Do When You Are Down

We have all experienced it: you are in a “funk”, your brain chemistry is just not right or you are simply going through a hard time in your life.

Sometimes when you are in life’s valleys, it feels like you are never going to emerge and that things will never get better.

This podcast is all about making sure that when this happens next in your life that you can ensure that the valley is a little less deep and your time there is a little less long.

Even when things are conspiring against you and life is out of your control, there are some things we can control – our mindset and our lifestyle that can help us survive and maybe even prosper despite the circumstances.

But first, it all starts with just showing up, even if it means going through the motions. I learned a lot from a recent period of overtraining when I couldn’t get my mind right – hopefully, this will help you get yours.

For help with your plan and every aspect of your lifestyle necessary for health:

Fundamental FUEL Curriculum

MOVE Curriculum


– Dr. Alex



Ep.36 – Managing Injuries Properly To Recover As Fast As Possible

Somethings hurts? But what is it? Can I keep playing? Can I workout tomorrow? Is it serious? What do I do to recover as fast as possible so I can get back to life?

In this week’s episode of the Better Ever After Podcast, we answer all these questions and more that you will have (or have had) when something hurts and you are officially injured.

Being injured sucks. We want to get back to being active as soon as possible but often don’t know how to start.

This episode discusses:

– The importance of rest to allow for tissue healing and recovery.

– The need for a proper examination and understanding of the injury and the underlying mechanisms

– The multi-prong approach to correcting the underlying Core Problems that could have caused it

– How to return to sport and when you know you are ready

– MOST IMPORTANTLY: The mindset to keep you sane through it. And no, you shouldn’t “suck it up” and play through it because it could leave you with a worse injury that ruins your entire season or delays your training for months.

Hope this helps 🙂

For help with your plan and every aspect of your lifestyle necessary for health:

Fundamental FUEL Curriculum

MOVE Curriculum


– Dr. Alex



Ep.35 – How To Feel Less Pain: How pain works, why we feel it and what it means to you

Few things stop us from doing what we love and make us miserable like being in PAIN! But as much as you might wish to never feel pain again, a failure to feel pain would literally kill you.

Whether it is a chronic or acute issue, we have all experienced a time in our lives where something hurt and we would do anything for it not to and to better understand what exactly was going on.

For being a universal experience for human beings, most of us are taught very little about what pain actually is, what causes it, why do we feel it, why pain is important for our survival but is a TERRIBLE barometer for our health and how to interpret pain when we experience it.

In this episode, we take a brief dive into the incredibly complex world of pain science and I do my best to explain all of this and more in less than twenty minutes.

I think you are going to not only learn a ton from this episode but will also walk away with a better awareness of how to feel about pain (pun intended) and how doing so will help you manage it better.

Links mentioned:

Cool pain videos




Ep.34 – 6 Strategies To Do More Workouts And Be More Productive

Not enough time in the day to get the important things done and get your workout in? I know this feeling.

I should actually say that I knew this feeling.

In this episode, I share the 3 mindset and 3 practical strategies that I have implemented that have catapulted my productivity and organization and have left me rarely lacking the time (and motivation) to get in my workouts and the time needed for the most important things in my life.

Better productivity means having more time for the things that are most important to you in your life: whether it is working out, working or being with your family, I hope this episode helps you put more hours of the day to good use.

Ep.33 – Overworking / Overtraining Isn’t Your Problem – It Is The Recovery Part That Is


How many times have you said to yourself, “I am just working way too hard”!?

Odds are that how hard you are working isn’t really the problem, but how much time and energy you are devoting to recovering and resetting from that work that is.

In this episode, we discuss Overtraining Syndrome in athletes, what it is, how to avoid it and most importantly, how the principles that athletes should use to avoid it, are the same that are going to help you will some of the most difficult health challenges in your life.

As mentioned, below is the link to our RESET Curriculum E-book that will help you find more balance in your life and the strategies that will help you heal and recover faster



Ep. 31 – YOUR Healthiest Year Yet Workshop / LIVE Lunch And Learn

A LIVE workshop I did with a local Toronto tech biz discussing the ten most important and influential things you can do to make 2019 the healthiest year of your life and what will optimize your health.

These are achievable things that can make a big difference if you are truly interested in getting healthier.

Because, January is done – how are those resolutions and goals coming? Good or bad … it doesn’t matter all that much because there are 11 months left to make some sustainable changes that are going to serve you for the rest of your life.

Hope you enjoy this different style of the podcast. It is a longer podcast but filled with tons of value!

If you need some help with getting your office healthier in the form of a workshop or Lunch and Learn I would love to help. E-mail me directly at dralex@dralexritza.com

Fundamental FUEL Curriculum

MOVE Curriculum



Ep. 30 – What Supplements Actually Work

Are they worth the cost, risks, adverse effects, marginal gains and what ones actually help increase performance and health?

Based on good peer-reviewed research, we cover these topics and whether the average Joe/Joanne and weekend warrior should be looking into taking one of the few supplements that actually appear to boost performance.

Arm yourself with the knowledge to know what is good for you and your health, and how to spot fact from fiction in the gym and on the field.

IOC Supplement consensus statement: https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/52/7/439

What you should actually “supplement” with > http://gigantic-condition.flywheelsites.com/fundamental-fuel-curriculum/

IOC consensus statement: dietary supplements and the high-performance athlete


Ep.29 – Thriving Through Cold And Flu Season

What to eat, supplement with and how to stay healthy and avoid getting sick this winter.

In this podcast, we review what the research has to say about supplements, sleep, stress, nutrition and what you can do to try to prevent getting ill.

For example, did you know that vitamin C has been shown to have no effect in reducing the symptoms of a cold or fighting it once it has started!? Vitamin C is good for something else though…

To download our RESET/RECOVERY and Fundament FUEL E-Book modules, and access everything else in the show notes: http://gigantic-condition.flywheelsites.com/better-ever-after-podcast/


Fundamental FUEL Curriculum

IOC consensus statement: dietary supplements and the high-performance athlete


Ep.28 – Falling Asleep Right Away And Stopping The Mind From Racing Before Bed

Is there anything worse than trying to get to bed on time and lying awake for what seems (or is!) hours.

You are exhausted and ready for bed but your brain isn’t. The second your head hits the pillow your hamster-brain leaps into action and is racing at a million thoughts per minute. It seems to happen out of nowhere!

In this week’s episode, we discuss some of the strategies that I use to prevent anxiety, worry, and random thoughts from keeping me awake at night and what to do when your mind just won’t stop racing at night.

We discuss over a dozen different strategies and key ingredients to getting a great night sleep and some specific tactics that actually work for slowing down your racing-mind and allow you to get some much-deserved rest.

For a more detailed and specific guide to getting the best night sleep every-night, download our RECOVERY / RESET Curriculum Module at http://gigantic-condition.flywheelsites.com/reset-curriculum/



Ep.27 – Do You Need To Take A Protein Supplement? What The Research And Not Your Ripped Friend Says

In and of itself, losing weight for the sake of losing weight is a terrible goal.

I have never taken a protein supplement in my life and I recently found myself wondering if I was missing out on something because I see so many people in the gym doing it.

And when a practice member asked me if they should be, I have to be honest that I didn’t have the best answer for them so I decided to update my knowledge and do some learning!

It is one thing for your “ripped” friend to tell you that you should take a protein supplement, and a completely different recommendation if it comes from high-quality peer-reviewed research.

In this episode of the BEAP, we look to recent research to figure out:

1) How much protein do you need to consume for optimal gains from resistance exercise training?

2) Do different people have different requirements?

3) Does it have to come from a supplement or a specific type of protein?

4) Does the timing of the meal/protein matter for your training gains?

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed putting it together and having a better answer to this much-asked question.

Links to the mentioned study and FREE E-books mentioned below

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

A systematic review, meta-analysis, and meta-regression of the effect of protein supplementation on resistance-training-induced gains in muscle mass and strength in healthy adults.

Fundamental FUEL Curriculum

MOVE Curriculum



Ep.25 – Losing Weight, Gaining Weight, New Years Resolutions And How To Reach Your Health Goals In 2019

In and of itself, losing weight for the sake of losing weight is a terrible goal.

Don’t get me wrong, the act of losing weight can be amazing if it is a reflection of you doing healthier things for your body and having a better daily process, and it is tied to something bigger than what the scale says.

Losing weight because you want to make sure that your health never holds you back from hiking to Machu Picchu or you need to fit into your wedding dress – now those are much better goals. Whether you are making New Years Resolutions or not, we all have goals for our health at some point.

The key, which is what we will be discussing in this episode, is how to make sure that your goals are something worth doing in the first place and that they are something that is actually important in reaching your future vision for yourself.

We will discuss why I think that brides are the most successful cohort for achieving weight loss, why your goals have to inspire fire in your belly and how to make sure that you point yourself in the right direction come 2019.

If you specifically need help with a weight loss goal and don’t know where to start, we have you covered! Download our FREE Fundamental FUEL and MOVE Curriculums to learn the strategies, routines, tips, and tactics that will help you give your body what it needs to be healthy!




Ep.24 – What To Eat Before, During And After Your Workout If You Are Like Me And Not A Competition Athlete

“You have to eat within 30 minutes of your ride or you are screwed for tomorrow” is what someone said to me last year and I bet someone has been in your ear as well telling you that you need to eat something specific and at a certain time if you want your workout to, well, work.

I thought to myself, “that doesn’t make sense”! So I did some research to figure it out myself!

This podcast is for you is you want to maximize what you are doing at the gym or on the road through your pre/post/during workout nutrition if you are not an actively competing athlete … and even then this information might be better than what you are currently doing.

As long as you don’t get paid to workout, you are going to get huge value from this podcast where I demystify the nutrition science about what you do and don’t need to eat for your workouts and if the timing is really all that important.


Ep.23 – Does Being “Dehydrated” Even Matter? How much water you should drink and how to prepare for a long bike ride, run or workout

How much water do you actually need? Is it really 8 cups?

How did someone figure this out and is it right for you? What about if you workout? What about if you are cyclist or runner? In this week’s episode, we delve into the research and discover that being dehydrated doesn’t seem to actually influence your performance!

We will discuss what you should base your water consumption on, how much you should drink at the office and what you need to consume to maximize your athletic performance.

FREE download of our Fundamental Fuel Curriculum to answer all the nutrition questions you have and give you a plan comprehensive nutrition plan of what to eat ….. that isn’t water at


Ep.22 – Measure Your Goals Like A Business Would And Reach Them Faster And More Often

Introducing new things into your routine can feel impossible at times! Do you ever just simply forget or get too busy to do the things necessary to hit your goals?

I don’t know about you but sometimes I literally just forget to meditate, go to the gym, to read that nutrition book or whatever it might be that I told myself I had to do. That was until I started treating myself and my goals like I treat the wonderful patients in my chiropractic practice.

A big part of getting amazing results requires identifying goals, coming up with a plan, and repeatedly checking in on our progress towards reaching those goals and making changes when the report card is going in the wrong direction.

There is a reason that every good business spends a massive amount of time and energy on regular quarterly, if not daily reviews of how they are progressing towards their targets. I have found that since I started holding myself accountable to reaching my goals and regularly giving myself feedback on how I was doing, I have had far more breakthroughs in my life and goals are being ticked off at an exponential rate.

I hope that some of the tips and strategies we discuss in this podcast will do the sam



Ep.21 – Why A Midday Break Could Be The Answer To Your Health Problems And Why We Could All Use A Siesta

Imagine being able to take a nap in the mid-afternoon to catch up on sleep and recharge! Sounds like paradise eh?

No, it is just Spain.

And most humans up until the agricultural revolution: meaning our genes are primed for this very behaviour. In this episode, we discuss the specific strategies that you can use to increase your energy levels, battle stress and fight off sickness by creating more breaks in your day for your body to heal.

We also discuss how taking initiative and creating these opportunities for yourself is essential in our productivity-focused culture that will never do it for you. Our culture is going to push us towards the end of the continuum that is 16 hour days, working through your lunch, and pushing yourself morning until night. Your health depends on you going in the other direction.

Download our FREE RESET/ RECOVERY Curriculum for more strategies and help to create periods of rest in your life. http://gigantic-condition.flywheelsites.com/reset-curriculum/



Ep.20 – Getting Uncomfortable Means You Are Growing

Think back to when you were put into a really challenging, new or different scenario and just how uncomfortable it makes you feel: that sinking feeling in your gut, sweat forming and maybe the sense of being a beginner again.

I bet when you think back you will recognize that some of the times when we are most uncomfortable in our lives, it also represents the time of great personal growth and personal breakthroughs!

What we discuss in this podcast is how some recent work with a coach made me feel uncomfortable for the first time in a while, how it reminded me that when you are very comfortable you aren’t growing and that having someone to push and guide you into and through those growing pains will ultimately make you better.



Ep.019 – You Are Not Bad At Anything, You Just Haven’t Practiced Enough

You would never expect to be able to launch yourself down a mountain slope on skis and expect to be good at it without having ever tried it. We seem to understand that every sport requires different skills that need to be mastered to be ay good at them.

But what about other things like empathy? Or kindness? Or meditation? Or public speaking. Like sport, genetics plays a role but we are born able to do these things, they are skills that we learn (or don’t) from an early age.

Too often we limit ourselves, put ourselves down or experience unnecessary frustration when we fail to realize that everything is a skill. Literally everything. In this podcast, we discuss this mindset and how it could have a dramatic impact on your ability to learn more, fast and generally be a happier person.


Ep 018 – It Isn’t Schadenfreude, It’s Perspective.

Ever had a really big zit that you can’t stop obsessing over!? It is a weird example, but whether it is zits or other challenges in our lives, both big and #firstworldproblems, it is easy to get tunnel vision and stuck in your own perspective.

We thankfully live in a world where a lot of the challenges that we face are the type that our great-grandparents would have killed to have. Yet, our biology and brain do not care. Our problems are our problems and it can become difficult to keep things in perspective in the grand scheme of life.

In this episode, we discuss why scheduling and forcing yourself to regularly adopt other perspectives beyond your own immediate one can make you more empathetic and might add a deep sigh of gratitude and a smile to your day.

It is a heavier episode of the BEAP but I think it might make a huge difference for your day-to-day mindset and your life.


Ep.017 – How To End Midday Fatigue And Work A 12 Hour Day While Feeling Great

If you are dead at the end of the day or feel that need for coffee in the mid-afternoon, you are not alone. This is a problem that plagued me for years and judging by the Starbucks line at 2 pm, many others.

I have conquered this and I want to share the simple ritual with you: I take a 15-minute nap!

But it isn’t the “what” that it is important, it is the mindset and “why” that motivates me to do it that is vital. In this podcast, we discuss the evolutionary and biological reason why you can’t work straight 9am-5pm (or 9pm) and function even close to your best. This episode could be the key to crushing your midday fatigue, improving your performance and happiness at work and be able to work a 12 hour day while feeling great.

To improve your daily habits, rituals, processes and for some practical tips on scheduling more rest in your day:

RECOVERY: http://gigantic-condition.flywheelsites.com/reset-curriculum/


Ep.016 – The Last 4 “Diet” Tips You’ll Ever Need

Nutrition can be so confusing, right!?

It is so challenging to decide what is healthy and good for you and what is not. High carb, low carb, no carb? What are you to do? In this podcast, we discuss four simple principles that will fulfil 90% of the requirements of a healthy diet that will deliver the nutrients that your body needs.

Diets can actually “work” in the short term but are rarely sustainable. In the traditional sense, diets are those, often crazy, quick fixes we use to lose weight for a wedding, to get the beach body for summer or that we start in January.

Instead, a set of principles that guide your eating will give you a strategy that will serve you over a lifetime and give you the best chance to reach the health, and yes weight, that you want. I think that this set of strategies and the mindset that informs them could be a game changer for reducing any stress around food, for improving your health and for finding foods that you love to eat.

Download our FREE Fundamental Fuel Curriculum for more and to get the 11 strategies that will optimize your nutrition and give you all that your body needs.

E-Book: http://gigantic-condition.flywheelsites.com/fundamental-fuel-curriculum/


Ep.015 – The Mindset That Will Help You Achieve Your Biggest (Health) Goals And Enjoy The Process Of Doing It

Imagine how much easier life would be if you knew you couldn’t fail. Our big (health) goals like weight loss or running a race would be so less stressful if we knew that success was guaranteed.

It is SO easy to get stuck in “The Gap” between where you are and where you want to be. “The Gap” is filled with anxiety, frustration and a worry that you won’t get to your destination and won’t be successful. In this episode, we discuss how a little mental jujitsu and adopting a new mindset that focuses on the process instead of the outcome, can improve your chances of reaching your health goals and ensure that you enjoy the journey of getting there.

To improve your daily habits, rituals and processes:

EAT: http://gigantic-condition.flywheelsites.com/fundamental-fuel-curriculum/

MOVE: http://gigantic-condition.flywheelsites.com/move-curriculum/

RECOVERY: http://gigantic-condition.flywheelsites.com/reset-curriculum/


Ep.014 – Less FOMO = More Happy. How I Am (working on) Banishing Fomo From My Life And Some Strategies To Do IT

Being sick in the summer is the absolute worst. Everyone else is out enjoying the sun and you are stuck inside feeling miserable.

The level of “fear of missing out” or FOMO is always high in these situations. But FOMO isn’t just an issue for when you are sick: it creeps into our lives all the time and can sometimes be very detrimental to our happiness and enjoyment. In this episode, I discuss my experience with FOMO, what I think the root cause of it is, how to address it, and why exposure to the highly curated lives of others on Instagram does much more harm than good for your mindset.

Resources to help with your FOMO and self-esteem
1) The Six Pillars Of Self Esteem – on Amazon

2) Thing By Design Manual – by Life By Design[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Ep.013 – Getting The Best Version Of You Out The Door

If you want more day-to-day consistency in your energy, performance at work and want to show the world the best version of yourself and what you are REALLY like every day, than this episode is going to deliver major value.

We can all think of a scenario where we acted in a way that we later regretted and that seemed completely incongruent with our values and who we really are. Whether it is recovering from waking up on the wrong side of the bed, or just ensuring that what you say and do is something in line with your deepest values, using a few simple morning rituals can make all of the difference.

In this podcast, we talk about the strategies that I and some of the world’s top performers use to optimize their mindset and prime their body so that the best version is ready for the day ahead.

For more specific strategies and tools, check out our Free RESET / RECOVERY Curriculum E-book: http://gigantic-condition.flywheelsites.com/reset-curriculum/


Ep.012 – How To Work A 60 Hour Work Week And Keep Your Sanity And Health

Are you busy and tired? Odds are, “YES!”. Even if you don’t work a 60+ hour week and feel that your energy is “okay”, I imagine you would love to have more energy, get better sleep, get sick less and generally feel better. In this podcast, I share the strategies and rituals that allowed me to work a 60 hour work week and maintain my health and sanity by optimizing my body’s ability to recover.
Get the workbook to develop your own strategies like how to build a sound sleep routine, how to better manage your time and energy and what else you can do to feel amazing when you wake up and at 2:00 in the afternoon.
Free RECOVERY E-Book: http://gigantic-condition.flywheelsites.com/reset-curriculum/


Ep.011 – Working Out Is Not What Makes You Fitter. Why The Mindset Of WOK HARD. RECOVERY HARD Is The Path To Getting Better Each Week

Exercise immediately makes you less healthy and damages the body. It is the body’s response and adaption to the exercise that improves strength, endurance and your health! But, the improvement part of working out, like life, can only happen if we create the right environment and circumstances for this growth, adaptation and recovery to occur. The Work Hard, Play Hard mindset sabotages this. This week we discuss how changing your mindset to focus more on rest and recovery can help you reach your goals faster without being so tired all the time.

FREE RECOVERY Curriculum E-Book: http://gigantic-condition.flywheelsites.com/reset-curriculum/


Ep.010 – Obama, Malala, Buffet, Brene And You Go For Coffee…How Curating Your ‘Tribe Of Five” Effects Your Mindset And Life

Imagine if you regularly hung out with the world’s most prominent thought leaders! You might find yourself getting a little smarter, more empathetic, understanding, financially savvy and richer with every date! The people we spend the most time with has a direct impact on our beliefs, how we act and who we become. The funny thing is, the internet allows you to hang out with these people every day and it would have a dramatic impact. This episode: how curating your virtual tribe can help you reach your goals

Mentioned article: The AtlanticHave Smartphones Destroyed A Generation?


Ep.009 – STOPPING Negative Self-Talk & The Trick I Use To Do It

Having high expectations of yourself can lead to awesome successes. But, when you fail to hit those expectations it is easy to get down on yourself; that your current failure is your future. Failure is a part of life but negative self-talk makes it joyless, hurts our confidence and creates a vision that is far from reality. In this podcast, I talk about my own struggle with this issue and the tricks and mindset that I have used to make “failures” more enjoyable and find greater self-compassion.



If you are a professional athlete you dedicate your life to being the very best at one thing. Marginal gains are the difference between champions and “also ran”.

But if you just want to be healthier, feel better, live longer and still perform at your best, the quest for marginal gains is likely holding you back. Why the mindset of “Jack of all health trades” is really the key to better health, happiness and fulfilment.

E-mail me if you would your free Health Curriculum Checklist to see where you are searching for marginal gains and what a gold-standard health routine looks like [ dralex@dralexritza.com ]


Ep.007 – Don’t Start With The Double Black Diamonds Runs: Why Mobility & Core Work Should Be Your Biggest Focus

You would never think about doing a ski run that is well beyond your capabilities because the health risk is obvious. There are fundamental skills that are required for skiing and all sports: the gym and movement of the body, in general, is no different.
In this podcast, we discuss why 95% of us should be focusing mostly on mobility and core strength as part of reaching our health goals whether it is weight loss, strength or just looking better.
Download the MOVE Curriculum if you need help figuring out how to strengthen the core, mobilizing your joints, protecting your spine and reaching your physical goals.

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Make core and mobility work part of your every day for 5-10 minutes

Get started with some of these mobility drills that are part of our MOVE Curriculum


Ep.006 – How Massage Actually Works And Why Everyone Should Be Foam Rolling

Foam rolling has gained massive popularity in certain circles but yet the underlying mechanism of action is still poorly understood by practitioners and fans alike. A brief summary of the science of foam rolling and what it tells us about how massage therapy actually works. Hint: it has nothing to do with “scar tissue”.

How to foam roll:

How to mobilize your joints and strengthen the core

Where to read more about foam rolling science:

An explanation of how manual therapy works

A good foam rolling paper (abstract)

Foam rolling paper[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Ep.005 – What Is The Point Of Being “Healthy” In The First Place

If you find it difficult to make decisions about your health you are not alone! We are bombarded with different fads, diets and crazy sounding things to make us “healthier” that might actually do the opposite. In this podcast we discuss what the purpose of creating health actually is and how changing this mindset can make health decisions so much simpler.

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: What is your “WHY” for your health and your goals

This week I would encourage you to contemplate what your long-term goals are for your health. Be specific. It might be something like running a marathon at 80 or being physically fit enough to go for a walk with a loved one. I would encourage you to set the goal as lofty as you can but only if you genuinely desire to be able to do it because the next step is mapping out the work it is going to take to get there.

Think about what your Health Routine would have to look like over the next “X” number of years and decades to help you achieve this goal. What is your nutrition, recovery and daily movement going to have to look like? If you know the answer then begin to plan out the necessary routines and strategies to get there. If you need help, I recommend that you consult a professional (dietician, physician, physiotherapist, me, etc) that can give you the knowledge, skills and maybe makeover required to map towards your goals.

I encourage you to check out the three Health Curriculums that we provide to our chiropractic patients to help you establish better strategies to fulfil the requirements for your health, which are likely similar to those needed to achieve your big goals.





Ep.004 – People “Buy Your WHY”, So What Is Your Mission Statement You’re Selling?

Companies like Apple and Starbucks spend thousands of dollars to craft their mission statement so that they know what their direction and purpose is and that their employees and customers are further inspired to be apart of their tribe.
In this episode, I discuss why having a personal mission statement can make all the difference in improving your day-to-day consistency, your relationships at work and home, avoiding those “I can’t believe I did that moments”, and for ultimately ensuring that you make an impression on people and are remembered for the traits that you would like to be remembered for.
My best episode yet and I think you are going to get a ton of value from it

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Develop your Mission Statement

This is a challenging and deeply introspective task. It is not easy but can be incredibly fun and rewarding.

Start by thinking about what is most important to you in your life – your deepest held values – and start to write them down. This is off 200 core values will likely help you find the right words. Based off your list, begin to craft a couple of sentences that use your core values to express an outcome. If a core value you would like to be part of your mission statement is “family”, you might write something like “I want to be the best possible father/mother/brother/sister/etc. by ___insert intention based off other values on your list __ _. Write a few of these sentences out by using the values from your list and then begin to mold them together into one succinct sentence or paragraph.

A resource I HIGHLY recommend using and taking the time to read is HERE. Working through this fantastic manual will provide great insight into your life and will help you develop your mission statement.

My mission statement reads as follows: To improve the health and lives of my family and community by educating and inspiring others to be their best in all aspects of life.

I know I said not to share it but if you would like to drop me a line with yours, I would be happy to read it and keep it on the “hush-hush”

I also recommend that you read and watch all the Simon Sinek you can get if you are looking for some inspiration and finding your why.

Start With Why by Simon Sinek on Amazon

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek on Amazon[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Ep.003 – The Mindset Of Looking At Everything In Life As A Choice

We always remember the big choices in life like saying “yes” to marriage or quitting a job. But I think it is the small daily choices that we make, and in some cases don’t, that have a greater impact on the outcome of our lives. In this podcast, I discuss why having a mindset of making more active choices in all parts of your life is the key to getting out of old habits and being in greater control of what happens to you.

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Choose one situation or scenario that you normally react or act in a way that is different than how you would like. It might be an interaction with your kids, your partner, a coworker, OR how you react and judge yourself, or just your own behaviour – whatever it is, choose to act and react better in this case. Write it down and practice it for one week. The goal is not to be perfect but to be conscious and make active choices about how you act and react.

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Ep.002 – You are hardwired to keep getting better

Your brain is NOT like a computer. It can change, grow and heal itself, and it not a finished product with set limits. What our knowledge about neuroplasticity tells us about our body’s capacity to change, grow and improve throughout an entire life and how you can hack your own biology to change your mindset and life for the better.

BOOK: The Brain That Changes Itself – Norman Doidge – On Amazon Here

Cool neuroplasticity videos:


Ep.001 – The GROWTH mindset and how it determines success

Einstein, Jordan, Oprah, Darwin and others are not legends because they were born that way. The difference between “success” and “failure” can come down almost entirely to your mindset. Learn how the GROWTH mindset is the key to greater achievement, happiness and fulfilment and why having one will make you love this podcast.


BOOK: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck – On Amazon Here

Test your mindset: https://mindsetonline.com/testyourmindset/step1.php

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Ep.000 – What a “midlife” crises at 27 taught me

How I hit my “rock bottom” just months after getting my dream job and the journey I took to improve my situation from the inside out. The books, podcasts, lessons and strategies that helped me develop my growth mindset and change my life.


PODCASTS: The Tim Ferriss Show, Inside The Champions Mind

BOOKS: Start With Why (Simon Sinek), The War Of Art (Steven Pressfield), Ryan Holiday (The Obstacle is the Way, Ego Is The Enemy), Man’s Search For Meaning (Victor Frankl), Seth Godin (anything), Tony Robbins (anything)