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How To Improve My Posture In 4 Simple Steps | Posture Correction Toronto

Improve My Posture Dr Alex Ritza Toronto Best Chiropractor

How to Improve MY Posture in 4 Quick Steps | Posture Correction Toronto

“How to improve my posture” is one of the most common questions and goals that we hear from and help our patients with. We see it so much we have become experts in providing posture correction in our Toronto office!

Good posture is important for how you think about yourself and how others think and assess you. While now somewhat debated, some research suggests it also influences your mood and behaviours!

From a biomechanical perspective, good posture is essential. There is ample research that shows that spine and shoulder mechanics are altered with rounding of the spine and a forward shift in the neck.

There is additional research that shows that lung volume and breathing will be altered by posture. Needless to say, posture is important even if you are not a chiropractor. We created this How To Improve my Posture Guide because good posture is important for optimal health.

Learn how we have helped hundreds of our patients from Posture Correction in Toronto at our office.

Why You Could Be Struggling With Your Posture and How To Correct My Posture

If you are struggling with your posture then there are two important questions to answer:

  1. If my posture is bad because of a problem with my spine causing a structural distortion. More or this later. OR
  2. Do I just not know the skill of good posture and how to stack up my spine

Finding the perfect posture is a skill just like squatting or taking a golf shot.  While a healthy spine is more likely to enable good posture and naturally stack up with the ears, shoulders and hips well aligned, someone might just lose the habit and muscle memory of finding that perfect posture and needs to practice it. 

What Is Perfect Posture and How To Improve Your Posture

If you want to find the perfect posture do this:

 1. squeeze/tighten the glutes like you are holding a piece of paper between the buttocks

This will create a neutral pelvic tilt and stack up the pelvis

 2. BRACE the core. Tighten the muscles in the front (abdominals), side (obliques) and back (paraspinals). This would feel like the response to having your tummy tickled or bracing against a punch to the belly button

This will stack up and align the lumbar spine and the rib cage/thoracic spine

 3. Make a double chin. With the eyes level – picture laser beams coming out of the eyes that are staying level to the floor, retract the neck backwards gently to give yourself a small double chin

This will stack up your cervical spine over the pelvis, low back and middle back.

 4. Put 51% of your weight on your heels

This will help to centre the ears over the ankles, especially in those with a high degree of leg and ankle flexibility 

 5. Relax your muscle and body and your spine should come to rest in an ideal posture.

Once you do steps 1-4 in simply one to two seconds it should leave your spine in a good natural posture.

Video starts at 3:30 with "Good Posture" section but all the skills are essential!

What To Do If Your Posture Is Still Bad | Posture Correction Toronto at Toronto Corrective Chiropractic

If you find that you can’t hold this position because it is uncomfortable despite repeated practice – get your spine checked

If you find that your can’t adopt this position at all because it hurts, get your spine checked.

If find this position  is impossible because your can’t turn on the right muscles get your spine checked. 

If you don’t look straight even when you do this – get your spine checked. 

One of the consequences of an unhealthy spine can be poor posture or an inability to find it. If you are struggling to see a change then get your spine checked.


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