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Posture Treatment Toronto | How To Actually Fix My Posture

Posture Treatment Toronto | Dr Alex Ritza

Posture Treatment Toronto | How To Fix My Posture

Poor posture is often a consequence of poor spine health. Exercise alone will help but is often not enough to shift the “foundation” that is the spine

If you are Googling ” Posture Treatment Toronto ” trying to find a chiropractor to help ” you improve my posture ” make sure you see someone who will address the underlying cause of poor posture!

Poor posture is not about remembering to “sit up straight” or “strengthen the back”! It is much more complicated.

At our Yorkville chiropractic clinic, Toronto Corrective Chiropractic, specialize in correcting the underlying cause of poor posture, which is rarely a strengthening issue.

Poor posture is most often collateral damage – a symptom – of poor spine health and truly finding a posture correction in Toronto solution requires a spine health solution. Our NeuroStructural Restoration Method is designed to restore optimal spine and nervous system health that has helped thousands of patients in Toronto correct their posture.

Bad Spine = Bad Posture | Posture Treatment Toronto

In our experience, we have helped so many patients looking for posture correction in Toronto by correcting their spine health and also giving them the tools to maintain it themselves. We focus on restoring proper spine health and not just focusing on spine strength. A strong “crooked” spine is still shifted!

Dr Alex Ritza | NeuroStructural Chiropractor | Posture Treatment Toronto
It is easier to have good posture when the structure is straight!

Bad posture can result from poor awareness or not paying attention to posture. It can also arise from muscle imbalances like upper or lower cross syndrome. Bad posture can also result from too many hours at the desk or on the phone and the subsequent weakness in the spine that arises from inactivity.

However, we often find that these issues are the consequence of an unhealthy spine and are not the actual problem!

Muscle imbalance, muscle weakness, poor posture, poor awareness/proprioception can all be the consequence of a spinal subluxation/dysfunction joint and correcting this often corrects bad posture!

Anterior spinal shift, or a forward head posture, develops over time but not for everyone in our population. It is not a factor of age but rather a factor of poor spine health. We consistently see a strong correction in our office between altered spine health and anterior spinal shift that is not age-dependent. Yes, older populations can have a more shifted spine but that is often because their spine problem has had longer to develop and worsen.


Posture Correction Toronto How To Fix My POsture A spine joint problem – sometimes called a “subluxation” or “shift” can lead to altered proprioception. Proprioception is the brain’s awareness of the body’s position Altered proprioception can leave the brain unable to know what position of the spine is straight.  Even worse, poor spinal proprioception leaves a spine at much greater risk of injury because the stability and control of those spine vertebrae are compromised! The brain is unable to control a spine well if it cannot “feel” what is happening at the vertebrae because of altered nerve signalling you will read about below.

Often new patients we consult with think that they are standing straight but are really shifted forward. Their brain does not know the difference and gets used to the altered poor posture.

A spine joint problem can alter proprioception through several mechanisms:

  1. Nerve Compression: Subluxations or misalignments in the spine can put pressure on nerves, leading to altered nerve signalling. Proprioceptive information travels from the body’s joints, muscles, and tendons to the brain via nerves. If these nerves are compressed or irritated due to subluxation, the transmission of proprioceptive signals can be disrupted, leading to altered proprioception.
  2. Muscle Imbalance: Subluxations can cause muscle imbalances around the affected joint. Muscles that are either shortened or lengthened due to the subluxation may send inaccurate proprioceptive signals to the brain. This can lead to difficulties in coordinating movements and maintaining balance.
  3. Joint Position Sense: Subluxations can affect the position sense of the joint, also known as proprioception. When the joint’s position sense is altered, the brain receives incorrect information about the joint’s position and movement. This can result in decreased accuracy in movement and coordination.
  4. Altered Feedback Loop: Proprioception relies on a feedback loop between sensory receptors in the muscles, tendons, joints, and the central nervous system (CNS). Subluxations can disrupt this feedback loop by interfering with the normal functioning of proprioceptive receptors or by interfering with the transmission of signals along nerve pathways.
  5. Inflammation and Swelling: Subluxations can lead to inflammation and swelling in the surrounding tissues, which can further impair proprioception. Inflammation can affect the sensitivity of proprioceptive receptors and disrupt the normal transmission of proprioceptive signals.


POSTURE CORRECTION TORONTO |CHIROPRACTIC POSTURE TREATMENTOverall, altered proprioception due to spine joint problems or subluxations can have significant effects on movement, coordination, and balance, potentially leading to decreased functional abilities and an increased risk of injury. Addressing the underlying spine joint problem through appropriate interventions such as chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, or other forms of treatment can help restore normal proprioceptive function and improve overall movement and function.

Posture Treatment Toronto | Dr Alex Ritza

Our NeuroStructural Restoration process is about restoring normal spine movement and the Brain-Body Connection so that symptoms of poor spine health like pain and poor posture go away – we fix the underlying problem and is why we feel our method is the best if you are looking for poture treatment in Toronto.

The homework we give to our patients to help maintain their good spine health and posture is only as useful as the foundation those exercises are built on


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