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After a long journey, I am so happy to launch

As an extension of my chiropractic services, will act as a platform to further help my patients, friends, and colleagues. Through posts on food, recipes, exercise, wellness and even being more spiritual and mindful, I hope that I can inspire you to make small changes. Collectively these small changes could change your life, and your future more than you can imagine. I hope that I can provide 15 minutes of peaceful, positive reading,  or entrainment to improve your day. I hope that I can provide that stretch or exercise that gets rid of a chronic complaint that no one else has been able to get rid of.

Small changes can lead to big differences. Changing your habits is difficult but we all have the opportunity to rewire our brains and realize the incredible potential that we have inside.

My job is not only to fix people’s back. Yes chiropractors help with back pain, headaches, migraines, pinched nerves, pregnancy related pain, muscle strains and tears, rehab, and a huge list of other conditions. Yes we can often get you out of pain. However, I want to help you much more than that. I want you to realize that your body and mind is a canvas whose landscape you can paint how you like . Once you realize that you are the master of how it looks and feels – you can paint it anyway you like. I want to help you and our community find ways to be happier, healthier and fulfilled.

Follow me as the journey continues and I hope you enjoy what I have to say. Whether in practice or through this site, I want to be the “best part of your day”. Happy reading and take care.

Dr. Alex

Happiness is not a destination but a journey
Happiness is not a destination but a journey

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