The Last Posture Advice You'll Ever Need | Dr. Alex Ritza | Downtown Toronto Chiropractor near Yonge and Bloor |
The only posture tip and reminder you might ever need is this mantra “Sit less, move often. Chin tucked, shoulders back & down. Be Tall”. Read more on the blog of Dr Alex Ritza - Downtown Toronto Chiropractor
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The Last Posture Advice You’ll Ever Need

The Last Posture Advice You’ll Ever Need

Let Me Give You A Mantra For Great Posture | Dr Alex Ritza | Downtown Toronto Chiropractor

We have all heard that posture is important. I do not want to lament this point  because I do not think there is any objection to it and I think we all get it in principle.

Good posture is associated with so many health benefits like less pain, more strength, more confidence, better looks and better performance undress stress. Poor posture is associated with the opposite. It makes sense and we want to do it but it is sometimes difficult to put into action

Practicing good posture is usually challenging for a number of reasons.

Often a work place is not properly set up to promote good habits.

For some, poor posture is a habit engrained from when we were younger – not enough nagging from your sweet matriarch in other words.

For others, it is often too painful for our spines and nervous system to get into the proper posture because they are not functioning well. If sitting up as tall as you can with your chin back, you would fall into this category!

In addition to my former point, I think the most common reason is that we simply forget or don’t know what to do! You are busy with a thousand things on your mind and to do. I also can’t remember ever being taught in (non-chiropractic) school what good posture is.

I want to give you a mantra that you can repeat ad nauseam and it will be the only reminder you need hence forth

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“Sit less, move often. Chin tucked, shoulders back & down. Be Tall”

Think of this as my answer to Michael Pollan’s “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

If you can remember this little mantra and periodically implement it throughout your day, it can begin to make an extradorinaiy difference. It will put you into a fantastic posture, remind you to get out of your chair and will have a dramatic effect on your energy level throughout the day.

It is not a panacea but it will help if you can do it. Maybe try putting a little post-it note somewhere at your workstation with “sit less …..” written on it. Every time you read those words, use it as a gentle reminder to check in with your posture.

It takes work but if you can repeat with me, “Sit less, move often. Chin tucked, shoulders back & down. Be Tall”, it should help

– Dr Alex



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