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Specializing In Treatment For Cyclists In Toronto

If you have ever spent more than a few minutes with me it is likely that cycling has come up.

Over the previous six years, I have fallen more and more in love with everything bikes and the community of people that ride them.

This new project of mine is to marry my obsession for cycling with my obsession for helping others improve their health and reach their desired potential. You can follow along on either Instagram or YouTube.

Ride healthy. Ride better. Have fun.

How I Am Going To Try To Help

That is what will guide content here. I want to create a channel and resource for cyclists of all levels to enjoy cycling more by staying healthy and injury-free, resolving injuries when they come up, learn science and strategies to increase their performance and create race, ride and any content that will help cyclists of most all cyclists get better.

For as far out as I can see, everything is going to be free and not paywalled.

So far we have covered topics like Relief From Inner Knee Pain, and managing cycling knee pain in general. 

This core strength routine would also be great for just about any cyclist. period.

In the future you can expect topics like:
– Rehab plans for injuries
– Training plans for off the bike
– How to bike fit yourself
– Travel, race or other adventure content
– Nutritional guidance
– Breakdowns of the emerging new science of training
– Basically, anything that can help to entertain you or help you enjoy cycling more and do faster while doing it

There are so many other cycling channels out there but I am yet to see something that creates resources from an actually health care provider, that are backed by real – not bro – science from someone who rides a bike a lot.

The adventures, beers, coffees, laughs, PRs, races/fondos and lifelong relationships that come with this beautiful sport can only happen if your body is functioning well enough to allow it and it is my job to make sure you know how to keep it working.

I hope that you will follow along on my journey to become the best cyclist I can be while going on some great adventures and that you will let me into your life to help you do the same.

Ride strong!

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