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Sometimes The Biggest Health Changes Come From The Mind

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Sometimes The Biggest Health Changes Come From The Mind

Whenever you watch a sport I think that you invariably end up comparing yourself to the professional athletes you watch. Especially if it is a sport that you play yourself and there are some objective metrics like with cycling, golf, the 40m dash in football or the power a player can generate throwing/pitching in baseball, you come to realize just how much better the pros are. Usually, the difference magnitude of difference in ability is simply disgusting. You often have so much hereditary physical prowess combined with thousands of hours of practice.

Even if you are born with the hereditary potential (genetics) to be the greatest athlete in the world, you still have to practice and work hard to maximize your potential and become great.

What separates us from the athletes on the field is a combination of physicality, practice and the mindset that enables and fosters the practice. My contention is that when it comes to health, the factors that separate us our highest possible potential – the professional leagues if you will – are the exact same three factors.

How healthy we are and can get depends greatly on our genetics. Some people are going to be born with genes and placed in an environment that fosters them to be the Lebron James of health. We know that genetics can be influenced by environment; things like nutrition, exercise, stress, and the physical environment amongst others. The genes we have are out of our control but how we influence them comes down to practising a healthy lifestyle.

Obviously, the latter is not as simple of a task as simply saying it. It takes the right knowledge and mindset to create and follow that healthy lifestyle in the same way that it takes a special mindset for professional athletes to commit to the practice that is required to be “great”. 

I believe that what most of us lack in our striving for better health has little-to-nothing to do with our genes or knowledge and everything to do with our mindset. Our genes are out of our control and should not be a point of focus, and acquiring the knowledge to eat, move, sleep and recover optimally is just a few Google searches away.

What is hard is cultivating and practising a mindset that is going to enable us to strive towards greater health in the first place. A mindset that creates greater health is developed over time, practice and hard work in the same way that it is for a professional athlete. A mindset is what enables us to make healthy choices, the prioritize our health and is what often separates us from reaching our goals.

Often a change in mindset is what spurs us to become healthier. It is rarely the new gym membership or the new diet that alone does the trick. It is the reaction to a sick parent, or a scary doctor’s visit or some sort of switch that is flipped in our minds that becomes the new “WHY” that encourages the changes that make us healthier. Health flows from the inside out and from our mindset. 

This is the reason I started the Better Ever After Podcast. It is my way to help improve your mindset so that nothing in your control holds you back from reaching your goals and a healthier state.

I hope that these first couple episodes will prime your mind for a healthier you and that you enjoy listening along.


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